Homecare companies

Hassisto allows companies that provide home care services to increase the quality and type of services offered:

  • Real-time updating of the services performed (therapies, nutrition, on-site presence, etc.) so as to reassure family members and at the same time give tangible evidence of the professionalism of the company
  • Improve interaction internally between staff who alternate with customers (handover, messages about events or actions to be taken, etc.)
  • Improve interaction between the staff present on site and relatives
  • Improve emergency management

Possibility of obtaining qualitative information on patient well-being that can be consulted remotely, useful both for improving management by the staff present and for reassuring family members

It also manages to cut management costs with
Automatic detection of staff presence at home
Reduction or elimination of tutoring and mentoring times in case of takeover or replacement of staff
Automation of periodic staff evaluation forms
Standardization of procedures