Hassisto developes e-health monitoring modular platforms in domestic environments, for prevention and early detection of (multi)chronic diseases or rehabilitation purposes.

Healthcare will change drammaticaly in the next years: no more centralizaded organization but instead  distribuited one,  so we specialized in developing management systems that  acquires automatically data collected from various IOT sensors in domestic enviroments, correlate the measuraments with AI algorithms, takes care of the new organization structure involved in care.

Hassisto helps and reduces cost of indoor healthcare management automatizating routinary operations and reducing the incidence of false allarms, enhancing ( not replacing ) previous investements.

The platform is based on  bluettooh devices: medical devices, professional devices ( eg. ECG ), wearable useful to have a more complete vision of health parameters 24h / 7 .

The software monitors heartbeats, blood pressure, SPO2,  glucose, inactivity, quality of sleep, falls and can be combined with additional bluetooth devices  adding weight, enuresis, rehabilitation exercises..