COVID Surveillance

The Hassisto platform allows remote monitoring of patients in a home isolation regime.

Due to the current pandemic, given the limited availability of staff and the congestion of the structures, the platform simplifies the collection and remote consultation of important parameters for the assessment of the health of subjects with suspected disease or with full-blown disease but with symptoms that do not indicates hospitalization.

Precisely in these subjects, for whom a rapid change in the clinical picture can occur, close monitoring is necessary to evaluate the change in clinical status and the possible need to transfer it to a hospital setting.

Also usable for already hospitalized patients, it allows to keep under control and summarize in a quick interpretation graphic the vital parameters inserted

The insertion can take place by the patient  himself/ guided by phone or through the app supplied to the healthcare personnel who can thus access and update the medical records even on the move.

In addition, with the further supply of the Hassisto home kit, some detections can be carried out automatically.

The platform also allows the management of voluntary enrollments by guiding the patient / operator in the first telephone triage.

Available via the web, it does not require any installation on a PC / smartphone / tablet.